Nucleus-M: Partial Kit 1 (WLC-T03-K1)
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Nucleus-M: Partial Kit 1 (WLC-T03-K1)


¥103,802 税込


※Nucleus-M Full Kit、Partial Kitにはバッテリーは付属しません。別途お買い求めください。 型番 : WLC-T03-K1 UPC/EAN Code : 631384550210 [ Description ] ・Packing List ※カッコ内は数量 (1) Wireless FIZ hand unit (1) Brushless wireless motor with 19mm rod support and 15mm rod bushings (1) Photographic Lens Follow Focus Adapter (1) 74cm 7-pin to P-tap motor power cable (1) Follow focus marking disks (1) Wireless FIZ hand unit strap (1) 18650 quad battery charger (batteries NOT included) ・Technical Data Color: Gunmetal gray Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic, rubber, Brazilian rosewood